Friday, 17 August 2012

Fun And Networking At Arts Forum.

Forum was held at the gorgeous Canberra museum and Gallery.

Spent last Friday at totally awesome inspiring arts forum for visual artists and writers. Was titled "How to get ahead in art world" with useful tips such as 'know right people' and 'be nice to them but without just putting it on' and 'Always follow up with thank you note' plus "Wouldn't hurt to put on a personality either'. Took lots of notes as am, as you know, writer with own blog. Came away from forum with message of network, network, network. Am so glad am on Facepage. Though perhaps need content. Not sure anyone at forum mentioned content so not sure how important that will be.
Forum went all day with short lunch break. Took this opportunity to network. Approached other artists/writers and asked if they had a spare Fifty Cents to make up my $4.50 for a latte. They said no. Must be because they too are poorly resourced artists putting their craft before fancy lifestyle. Like self. Shocking how little money goes into the arts. When compared with BMX Olympians.
Just as was waiting outside forum for  afternoon session to begin met  lovely woman wearing artistic like felted scarf pinned with large attention grabbing silver brooch.
"I love your broach" I networked.
"Oh, thank you. I've had it a while" she smiled.
"Did you make it yourself?" I ask.
"No, I am not a craftsperson. I'm a writer"
"Oh, am also writer"  tell her. 
Broach Lady's face lights up "Oh, what have you written? Would I have heard of it?"
"Maybe" I say "Have own blog. You might know it. Trophy Wife? Covers lots of stuff. Mostly life matters and parenting issues though am thinking of positioning myself as fashion commentator" Broach Lady looks down at outfit. Quite plain unfortunately as was in rush this morning. Wish had worn suede coat with leopard spots on it. Wish Louie had not bitten off a suede leopard spot from coat's hem when he was three and had sharp little nippers. Will cost fortune to get re hemmed.
"What do you write?" I ask Broach Lady, keen to keep network alive.
"Novels" smiled Broach Lady "Slow ones, that take years between publishing" 
"Have you thought of blog?" I suggest, pleased with self, as remembered last speaker, before lunch, saying how networking is two way street, you must have something to offer other person. "You can write just small amounts and then publish with click of button. It's quite fast"
Broach Lady laughs "That sounds great. Just a click of the button and published. I will tell my publisher to a get button!" And then it was time to go in. 
Such a nice lady to have networked with. Turns out she was next speaker. Something about publishing. Bit boring, tuned out. But look forward to networking with her next time. This networking thing is actually quite easy. Look forward to seeing her again. Will totes ask her name.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Facebook Here I Come.

Up and running on facebook now. Feel like am modern, connected person with firm handle on social networking.
Send link to friends and family. Not everyone happy though. Mum phones. "What are photos of my grandchildren doing on Facebook Mia?" she says "Peadophiles everywhere. Take down immediately."
Stand my ground. "Fact of LIfe mum: everyone puts photos of their children on the Facebook. Really can't help having super amazing photogenic children notwithstanding major orthadontic work pending"
"Take them down now Mia" Mum says. Grudgingly cooperate. Will need to come up with some other attractive area of life to post.

Will take some thinking.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Lucky Winner!

Great turn out for Soap Giveaway! Am now up to 14 followers. Nothing says "Online success around nearest corner" more than having 14 followers! Makes me think should have another giveaway, one after another, bypassing any blog content altogether....
But before I announce lucky winner a quick apology for the late draw as I have been unavailable to the demands of Trophy Wife due to extended illness (or 'research', if you like, for  the 'Chronically ill Tuesday' posts). I had also hoped for more entrants but well, this shall do....
Okay then, on to lucky giveaway winner - but first to validate the selection process I will explain how the winner was chosen: first took photo of little pieces of paper baring the names of all entrants. This  to provide air of authenticity and suggest a random like nature to giveaway. Then discreetly photoshopped in  late entry. Also made sure a child was in background watching proceedings, to lend giveaway process air of guileless honesty (even if child was unco-operative and eventually had to resort again to photoshop). Then bits of paper were tossed away and real process begun. For example who has impressive blog themselves and can lend mine a bit of cache by association? Or even who just has a blog? That is why after much deliberation I am splitting the prize into three and sending one bar of fabulous Coles Supermarket Brand soap to these four lucky winners who actually have a blog: Pippa at Ouch Flower in Melbourne; Mitra at Bye Bye Pie in New York; Kylie at Paravent and Karen at Vanilla Scraps up the road (Karen do you mind having the unwarapped bar, the one I tossed into the shower with Louie? I swear to you it is unused...). Could those winners please email me at with their addresses and your wonderful prize will be on it's way (Karen just when I see you next will do).
Thank you again to all that entered and don't forget you are all winners. Just some with cool prize and some without.

Sunday, 1 July 2012


I don't know, I like blogging, like the opportunity to express self in creative dimensions, it's just that I felt I would be more popular by now. It's been nearly two months. Don't get me wrong - I treasure my valued reader/s including the one who is not known to me personally (ie not friend or family) - but if want to achieve goals (advertisers, etsy shop, book deal) will need more than 11 of them. Concentrated research into the ways of blogging has shown me that there are several ways to increase blog traffic but extra good one is to have regular giveaways as  you can make the giveaway conditional on joining your blog. I love bribes so here we go.....
All you have to do to win these bars of Coles 'shea butter' soap is join up as a follower and leave a comment. It doesn't need to be a comment about why you need the bars of soap more than the  next person - just any kind of general comment about how good my blog is. And then I will randomly pick a winner based on who is most likely to post on their blog about the win and link me back the most traffic. So........easy peasy - you could be the winner of this pack of two soaps that have a coconut kind of scent to them. Actually they were originally a pack of three but when I gave one to Louie to use in the shower the other night he made such a big fuss about hating the smell of coconut and it being 'unbear-wable' that I had to go and buy some more nuetral smelling soap and take these Shea butter ones out of the bathroom altogether. Actually anyone would have thought I'd thrown a snake into the shower the way he went on. How can you hate the smell of cheap synthetic coconut that badly? Anyway  as I say, now they could be yours. Good luck then and don't forget to tell your blogging friends about the giveaway!!! 

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Chronically Ill Tuesday.

Welcome to the first ever Chronically Ill Tuesday post - a regular space for me to share some of the fun that is chronic illness with my reader/s. Thought I'd begin on a light note with a letter I wrote  to my immunologist after a recent visit.

Dear Dr C.
Trot off today to hospital immunology ward for my regular appointment with you.  Love these visits. Can't tell you how much. Begin as always by getting lost in corridors of hospital, a fun labyrinth layout that has brazenly done away with windows, leaving self to reflect once again on architect of building's character. Wondering for example what force of creativity/mental illness could possibly explain such a layout. Chide self though. Possibly being unfair to architect. Building probably just designed to specifications. Those specifications being "Re-imagine hell then suck all oxygen out of it".
Finally arrive at hell's transit wing - the Immunology/radiology/chemotherapy waiting room. Have to say, enjoy the hour long wait. 
Finally our moment. Have been waiting two months to see if immune system has built antibodies to pneumococcal vaccine challenge.
Discover, unsurprisingly, immune system mounted no challenge. This meets protocol to enter the Intragram trial. But no, you've thought up further diagnostic criterea/circus hoops to put me through! Goodness no, these are not tears of frustration. They are tears of joy at the thought of more tests - who doesn't enjoy a god forsaken process?
"Your condition is not life threatening Mia"
"Correct Dr C. That is why have had it for 25 years now"
"And as we've discussed, Intragram is liquid gold. A very scarce resource. We need to be sure you are a good candidate for the trial".
So understand Dr C. And don't mind me. I'm just enjoying our time consuming, fruitless visits. Plus did I mention how much I like your registrar? I love that he is so young, so fresh out of Med school, seems to have had absolutely no life experience and exhibits zero interpersonal skills. I particularly enjoy sharing my difficult medical history in his compassionless, robotic company and then hearing him repeat it back to you in diluted terms. And by all means when you need to discuss me with him, pretend I'm not in the room the whole time. That's ace. Oh, and if you could possibly arrange it? A painful diagnostic procedure in view of thirty first year med students.
Till next time,
P.S Why are the magazines in the waiting room so old? Don't you understand that Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden  have stopped dating and have two children already??????

Well, that's it for this weeks Chronically Ill Tuesday. I hope you enjoyed it!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

What Kind Of Blog?

Been blogging for a month or so now and while am enjoying it greatly will admit to struggling as to where blog fits in vis a vis bloggingsphere. For example am I a crafting/design blog (see tutorial)? Or am I a leading independent voice in the online blogging fashion community (see photo of shoes)? A go-to site for inspirational parenting maybe (see post)? Or a Home Styling/Pets Enthusiast blog? Then again who is to say I can't be all? One line of interest I'd like to develop further in this blog is chronic illness. I've always had bit of an eye for the zietgest and honestly I really feel chronic illness is on the verge of trending any time now and thus could really position myself as someone with voice of substance. Having said that I wouldn't want to back this blog into a chronic illness niche per se. And in fact don't want to attract too many followers with actual chronic illness. Sick people are kind of depressing don't you think? I wish they would wash their hair more.
Anyway, in anticipation of the trending wave for chronic illness blogs that (in my opinion) is gathering pace right now as I type, I've had this really great regular feature post idea which I'm thinking of calling Chronically Ill Tuesdays. Sort of in manner of Etsy Friday or Thrifting Thursday. Where  every Tuesday I would share some stuff about chronic illness you might enjoy. Be it a helpful tip regarding a prying pharmacist or how you can take the pyjamas/dressing gown combo from day to night and back to day again. Of course the idea is still in it's infant stages. Like might do it on a Monday instead. Then I'd call it Chronically ill Monday.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Reality Bites.

Conditions here at moment (hard to treat infection, stressful study load, crap weather) are not overly conducive to happy mood. Manage to locate small window of joy however in feel good movie genre and thus hatch a brilliant plan involving purchase of 90s X-gen hit Reality Bites off ebay for total bargain price. Successfully execute above plan (though excuse me videokat019, if item description says like new as though just taken out of shrink wrap item should not have scuffy type marks all over jewel case) and suggest to teenage daughter that should watch movie too as will definitely help get to know me better as person since Reality Bites is, like, total documentary of life in early 90s for young persons. Cosy up on lounge for viewing and explain to daughter during opening scene (Winona Ryder character giving valedictorian speech to what looks like crowded Supebowl stadium) that movie is totally realistic and so reminiscent of my 90s youth that I may at times need to wipe away nostalgic tear, but not to be overly troubled by that. Also should think of me as Winona Ryder character - impossibly luminous, talented, loved by all most hottest guys - only with Janeane Garofalo's personality (lets face it, Winona is bit of a wet blanket and really not sure she can act). For those who have not seen movie it goes like this: I - oops,  Winona -  playing the smart and beautiful Lelaina - must decide between nice Yuppie character Michael (played by Ben Stiller) and her sexy/unwashed unemployed slacker housemate Troy (played by Ethan Hawke) who did not bother to graduate College despite a super high IQ which he  then deploys to great effect throughout movie with obscure literary references and  carelessly clever put downs to anyone in his vicinity - though especially to Winona who has rejected his advances, broken his heart and triggered some emotionally crippled defence mechanisms. In a particularly powerful scene where Troy's grunge band "That's My Bike" is playing at hipster grunge cool hangout, Troy takes out his deepest hurt by dedicating a vicious rendition of the Violent Femmes "Add It Up" to Lelaina. For anyone who remembers this era, particularly through the music of "the Femmes", this is a resonant moment. Of course such cruelty only makes Troy even more sexy (as if his greasy hair, commitment phobia and useless education weren't already enough) and they end up together in what is clearly an upbeat and happy ending. I had forgotten this ending and was taken a little by surprise. 
Like watching any movie with daughter, and because am super, over involved, responsible parent,  I wondered what message Reality Bites had sent daughter and what questions I should raise for her to think about - something had not done since Miley Cyrus' last offering with all that upsetting and unnecessary on screen boot scootin'.  For example what if in the months to come, after the honeymoon period wore off, Lelaina finds she doesn't 'understand' Troy's music? Does "That's My bike" just do covers or do they have their own sound and a shot at taking that somewher? What were the chances of Troy overcoming his fear of inadequacy and learning how to effectively communicate his insecurities without lashing out defensively instead? And for her part would Lelaina come to realise that some dresses are just better worn with a bra?
Ultimately hope daughter came away with idea that if someone is mean before you go out with them they will not change just because you are together. Also that some dresses are just better worn with a bra.
Would love it if Hawke and Ryder teamed up for a sequel so we could see what became of their  grunge love story twenty years later. Kind of like when Hawke reunited with Julie Delpy for the sequel of Before Sunrise. Perhaps they are married and Troy has a comb over? Hey, is that a pitch or what.
Anyway must go as have important date with ebay to buy more DVDs. Am kind of on 90's binge now and am looking to purchase Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and the 90s version of Great Expectations.  All Ethan Hawke movies but that is just co incidence.

Monday, 14 May 2012

The Gifted and The Talented (Plus Thank You Twilight Saga)

We are lucky to live where we do. Area has excellent local public primary school with excellent super involved school community. Not only that the school has special program for Gifted and Talented students. Just as well - Thirty Three per cent of students from area are gifted and talented. Which is super way above general population average of Five percent. Something in water supply to area I suspect. Am always encouraging own children to drink up. "Will cleanse out kidneys and purify other systems" tell them "Plus will make you gifted and talented". So far no luck. Though am told completing homework may also help.

Wish school was as interested in Dyslexia as is interested in giftedness and talentedness. Because own daughter is dyslexic and more support from school while she was there would have been awesome. The Dyslexia Association of Australia estimates Ten per cent of students have dyslexia and yet no teacher had any real understanding of it. Without knowing anything too much about Dyslexia myself I first suspected  daughter had it even before she begun school - smart, book loving, curious and quick to learn she would throw a tantrum when asked to look at an alphabet. Those colorful plastic letters which stick to the fridge? Thats $2.95 I'll never get back.

A full diagnosis of dyslexia didn't come until daughter was 10 - from outside the school, hundreds of dollars later in trying to discover why a smart girl was reading at a level lower than the ESL (English as a Second Language) kids, and much frustration, thwarting of confidence etc. A private dyslexia tutor followed (hundreds more dollars), hours on a saturday - her and I in the bedroom doing the attendent homework each week - and just plain determination for the next two years proved instrumental to move beyond this hurdle and make her the A student she is now. Oh, and also her determination to read age innapropriate Twilight Saga.

Actually forget all that - basically Twilight saga cured daughters dyslexia.  Educators take note.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Sex Life Of Bugs.

One of Louie's favourite things to do is collect bugs and study them. Each month my mother buys him Bugs And Insects - an expensive bug magazine which includes collectable real life insect or bug petrified in block of perspex. Bug magazine is of good quality though can't help but notice editors are obsessed with bug sex. Walk past Louies room at bed time as Murray reads him latest instalment of bug sex life in lurid detail. "Eeeeuw!" think to self.
"Don't be so immature Mia" Murray calls out from bedroom. Oh. Had not realised was thinking aloud again.
This has all inspired Louie to embark on DIY bug breeding program. Last week after school he catches a Cricket then studies reference material to determine cricket is female. He then sets outside again to find  cricket a  life partner to mate with. 
Jackpot. "My, that was quick!" I say, fixing fake smile. Louie introduces crickets to one another then sets about making their tupperware love den comfortable, complete with flower petals (preferred food) and some mood setting grass. Having read they lay their eggs on a dirt nest he constructs one in corner of tupperware love den.
Ambience must be spot on as by next afternoon Louie calls me in. Hurry, he says, Crickets are real life mating, I can't believe it, hurry mum.
Okay, I say. Here I am, yes Louie, that is certainly something. Teenage Daughter gives me  reproachful look suggesting Louie's innocence is inappropriate and is high time I furnish his young mind with the facts of life, presumably so he can adopt requisite amount of embaressment for these matters and not torture us all with bug sex ever, ever again.
The following afternoon Louie invites friend Nicholas over to see chirpy new family pets (actually it is only the male who chirps, a mating strategy) and together they clean out the tupperware love den, discussing the chirpy one.
"He's already mated with his wife, did you know Nic?"
Teenage daughter and I,  at work in next room, exchange looks "Have heard wrong" assure her.
"Nic, did you hear me? He's already mated with his wife"
Teenage daughter give's me I'm telling you look and shakes head at my parenting insufficiences. Honestly? Have no idea where Louie is getting these wife ideas from. His dad and I never bothered to marry. Neither of us chirps.
Louie and Nic decide tupperware love den would be further interesting with more crickets and quick search in backyard proves fruitful with three more crickets introduced to now crowded love den. They apply cling wrap then head out for the trampoline which will occupy the next hour before Nic's dad arrives. This will be invitation for both boys to run and hide forcing Nic's dad and I to yell threats into the neighborhood for the next twenty minutes before they show themselves and Nic can be taken home
The following day a grim discovery. One of the crickets has died and the others have pulled it's legs off in disturbing Lord Of Flies type scenario/Survivor re-run. Have reached limit "Louie! Get these Crickets outside and empty them back into the wild!" I shriek.
Whole thing has, understandably, been very upsetting. Will be some time before can tolerate any more pets in the house.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Creative Couples.

Had hoped Murray would come around by now re. Indie Garage band idea. Leave acoustic guitar and instructional CD near brief case and other places might catch eye but to no avail. Speaking frankly his  current situation of stable employment in IT industry stands as frustrating barrier to styling us as cute indie blogger couple with joint passion for thrifting. Have not given up though. Order super inspiring book "Paris Creative Couples" off Amazon as soon as spot this afternoon. Plan to give Murray for up coming birthday in hope he will relate and/or gain inspiration.
Can't wait for book to arrive and have uploaded sneak peeks off web for your perusal. Is inconceivable Murray won't enjoy. After all, who does not love reading books full of successful, attractive, well off couples in their showcase homes?

Images Via.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

That Awkward Moment When You Realise The Cowfish Is bigger Than The Shark.

First week of school holidays. Have flu and sleep till Eleven. Get up and thank Louie for letting mummy sleep in so late. Louie suggests reward for himself - game of badminton for us in the rain. Not keen on that but agree instead to drawing undersea tableaux. Assemble large piece of paper, coloured pencils and sticker book of sea creatures for inspiration. Agree Louie will draw shark with mummy assigned mere Cowfish.  Unfortunately forego discussion vis a vis scale and major upset erupts when realise Cowfish is much bigger than shark, not reflecting reality. Explain that maybe Cowfish is closer to us and shark off in background somewhere insignificant. Explanation makes thing worse. Shark meant to be major player, capable of eating Cowfish. Explain again principles of perspective. Older sister laughing. Louie angry at older sister laughing, after all what is so funny? Send older sister to bedroom. Agree to begin new undersea tableaux where shark is major player. Careful to check specifications for new Cowfish. Cowfish gets axe. Further clarification reveals mummy's role now more Design Hack as opposed to co - collaborator, expected to follow instructions from above only, no independent decision making. Design Hack told what to draw (Weedy Sea Dragon) then to finish colouring in of shark as Louie tires and needs to move on to school of fish shark will be eating. More upset. Louie not happy about Design Hack's reinterpretation of shark. Thinks tonal work around eye makes shark look too mean.
Thinking maybe will be long holiday for Design Hack.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Have follower.

Am super thrilled to have blog follower. Fame beckons it would seem. Should really get on with monetising site. Apparently quite profitable for blogs on move such as this. Also must ask teenage daughter how to get Facepage presence for Trophy Wife as since teenager will know all about Facepage and other social networkings, Tweeter and like.  Should strike while iron hot.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Helping hand from Gotye.

Last night dream am married to Gotye - popular Australian alternative/crossover singer songwriter. Turns out Gotye is fab husband and super thoughtful. He puts link on own website to this blog and am suddenly deluged with blog traffic from cool types. Wake up with lightbulb moment re having partner who is indie mucician. To this end suggest to Murray over dinner he start up garage band. Honestly? Did not seem overly keen. Cited busy schedule as sole family breadwinner, hands on dad and gruelling training schedule for upcoming marathon as excuses not to. Frankly am disappointed. Had already invested in cheap second hand guitar and beginners How-To booklet with instructional CD included. Argument ensued. Accused Murray of taking no interest in blog. His feeble reply? "I have no idea what you are talking about Mia".
Too upset to write anymore for moment.

Friday, 13 April 2012


Still no followers. Totally inexplicable after yesterdays fab tutorial posted.
Not sure where going wrong.

Tutorial: Roll Ribbon.

Writing blog not as easy as first thought. For example you need to have ideas. Though these ideas need not be original. Discovered this since last post - taking photos of own shoes has been done before!
Been racking brain all week. Then light bulb moment: Mia, maybe your blog could be space to showcase creativity and penchant for DIY.
As SAHMWCI (Stay At Home Mum With Chronic Illness) think it's really important to create nice spaces one feels happy to be in. By nice mean something strongly influenced by Scandanavian designers of Mid Century Modern era peppered with quirky prints of foxes and bears (any woodland creature actually) bought off etsy.
Of course budgets don't always run to this or perhaps you find yourself already heavily invested of the Shabby Chic look of 2002 and a thus a minimalist screenprint of an owl saying "Hi" in a neon yellow speech bubble would produce a nasty styling clash. DON"T PANIC - there are still things you can do that don't cost a lot and at the same time still express my creativity. For example only the other day, as was faking bout of gastro as clever excuse to lock self in bathroom in lieu of "me time", took good look around surroundings and thought "What can a person with no decorating budget, spare time or innate style do to pretty up a space such as this?" That's when came up with "Roll Ribbon" idea. It doesn't take long and you probably already have the materials in your craft stash. Also effective way of saying to other members of household "Let's keep it nice" without actually saying it.
You will need some nice ribbon or string and a bathroom that has a toilet roll holder. Use the ribbon to tie a neat bow around the roll of toilet paper so ther is no toilet paper hanging down loose. Voila!
PS For a totally on trend touch use bakers twine like I have in the bottom picture. Rick rack is also a cool retro touch.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Arty Self Portrait Of Shoes.

Ok, start again. REALLY sorry about last post. Totally uncalled for. Of course you're not boring and ugly - you're back here right? And as said this is going to be a really cool/exciting blog. You can see that already can't you from the visuals? An arty self portrait of my feet. Wearing favourite summer shoes which  sourced third hand off ebay for $22.00 four years ago. It's only just now when look at photo realise they're broken. Which is a bit sad. 

Saturday, 7 April 2012

God, where is that delete button??????
Been blogging two whole days now. Will admit to twinge of disappointment at response. Just checked stats and seemingly no activity registered. Heard about  blogger and it's unreliability like that. Knew should have gone with Wordpress. What is needed is not just for you to visit but like to FOLLOW. Officially. LIke in the upper right space that says FOLLOWERS. Kind of rude not to actually. Just to check in on the anonymous sly like that? Is tantamount to trespassing. It's like looking in  the window but not knocking on the door. Or knocking on door then running away. If only there was way to report such problematic behaviours to Blogger. No, really, shame on you. You know what? If that's how it's going to beDON'T FOLLOW. That's right. DON'T. Betting you are boring and ugly and since don't  want boring and ugly followers who will turn off cool, attractive followers best you don't. Plus you are going to feel like total loser when I've got like 1654 followers and a crafting/DIY book deal in works.

Thursday, 5 April 2012


No comments yet. That's weird.

Ta Da.

Third post lucky. Mustn't put self under pressure. Keep simple. Friendly hello. Thanks for joining. Fun to be had  following me - my life in suburbs with husband, two children plus all our hijinks. No really it will be special. Like if ever I cook a half way decent meal promise to take photo and post on exciting blog. Or this one.

Bad first post. How to delete?

Ta Da!

First blog post ever.  Truth be told bit nervous. After all, what if have nothing to say? Keep reminding self not to be silly. As in Don't be so silly Mia! This is just going to be a really cool space for you to share your life through words and photos and recipes and doctors prescriptions. Just do that and the rest (followers, etsy shop, book deal) will follow.