Thursday, 28 February 2013

Tutorial: Mini Pantry Bunting.

Love Bunting. Signals fun, festivity, celebration and etsy. Am strong believer in celebrating achievements, from big (kids back at school) to small (kids back at school). That's why when cleaned fetid pantry yesterday, for first time in eight years, was moved to celebrate achievement with dedicated crafting session that gave rise to "Mini Pantry Bunting" and this months tutorial. Hung bunting in freshly cleaned pantry shelves. Delight now to open pantry and see bunting. Will cheer up otherwise lonely days at home preparing endless snacks for kids and monotony of cooking dinner night after night. Also signals to others fragile state of self's mind, hinged as were on random cleaning frenzy and lone crafting session...

Anyways! The how to: Pick some nice paper, you can choose any that appeals. I like to use the children's school news letters before I get the chance to read them. Cut triangles out any size, any shape. I find not measuring them suits my mood best. You'll probably need about 8 - 10. Here I have coloured some in with flouro markers which is optional. Then with some contrasting thread in the machine sew along the top of the triangles, leaving a gap between each one depending on the size of the pantry.

Voila! I can't wait to see them pop up on Pinterest!!!


  1. OMG, how did you KNOW?! You are truly the arbiter of style and the heat-seeking missile of the Next Big Thing! Li Edelkoort eat your heart out! Kx

    1. Thank you Kylie - is gratifying to have my pioneering craft talents recognised by the likes of yourself. For sure Li edelkoort is eating my dust....


  3. Mia, Awesome idea. You are a true pantry pioneer.

    Why stop at the pantry bunting? Why not an art installation in the pantry? How about wrapping everything in the pantry Christo style. Would make preparing dinner fun!

    Keep up the good work!

  4. A tutorial AND bunting! Brilliant work Mia :-)