Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Renewing Our Wedding Vows.

Weddings are, like, totally trending at the moment. Or at least magazines about weddings are totally trending now. And not just run of the mill $60,000 weddings but creative, indie DIY hipster types that are packed with inventive new uses for the humble mason jar. Every time I go into the newsagent to buy the scratchie that won't be changing my life any time soon I see yet another cool indie magazine devoted to having the coolest hipster indie wedding possible. In fact it is not unimaginable that fave indie mag Frankie is working on it's own as we speak. In fact Memo to Frankie: should hurry as you risk being buried under all the other indie wedding publications that have beat you to it such as Hello May, Hitched and White.  Even though I have no need for these magazines I still want to buy them. Maybe it's because they are so pretty to look at? Or maybe it's just because they remind me of my own Special Day. Which is funny considering my own Special Day is the annual Lifeline Book Fair where I get to drop the kids at mum's house before school so I can queue up in the rain for cheap used books.

Still, I do love this new take on the biggest day in a girl's life. Those indie style weddings are so creative. For example you could have your wedding in an old disused barn or an old disused barn or make like it's the 1929 stock market crash and have your wedding in one of those old disused barns.

It's not just magazines though. It's also the coolest bloggers out there showcasing their own super personalised mason jar indie nuptials on their blogs. Which gives me the spark of an idea......As you well know, I'm no jump on the band wagon opportunist blogger, but I guess it's no secret Trophy Wife has been slack/disinterested/struggling for content lately. And what could revive this blog better than myself and Murray renewing our vows in an old disused barn amongst some good looking hipsters? Or even, should it come to that, just our friends and family? (Sorry guys, I love you, but you know it's true. Karen, you couldn't even be bothered to dress up for the school's trivia night Fairy Tale themed fund raiser. And if I could whip up a freaking red cape for Little Red Riding hood how hard was it for you to dress as the Wolf in Grandma's nightcap and dressing gown???????).

I put this fab second wedding idea to Murray.

"Murray" I say "Wow, the years sure have passed since we joined our bank accounts. Wouldn't it be meaningful if this spring we rented out a disused barn, rinsed out some old jam jars and renewed our vows in front of some photogenic extras?"
"What are you talking about Mia?" says Murray "We never even got married in the first place. You said in between your swollen ankles, chronic morning sickness and hatred for gatherings, you'd rather poke pins in both eyes that have a wedding."
"Mmmmm. So wouldn't it be nice to make up for that? I mean maybe if we had made some highly personalised, if idiosyncratic, vows all that time ago, surrounded by lots of darling etsy type touches, the last fifteen years would have gone a lot smoother?"
"I guess so" Murray seems warmed up to the idea "For example you could have vowed not to leave your jam knife out in the morning so that when we got home in the afternoon the ants hadn't taken over the house with their own nuptials"
"Yes" I say "And you could have vowed not to have become so obsessed with bike riding that dozens of broken inner tubes now litter the house even though that look is at least three years off trending"
Suddenly though Murray is looking at me all suspicious like "Hang on Mia, is this something to do with your blog?"
"What? God, no, what? God, what do you mean, no, I mean, God...."
Murray shakes his head at me imperceptibly and leaves the room. Which is total couples shorthand for Find a bespoke letterpress printer in our area and gets those invites out now....

Photo sources: One; Two; Three; Four.


  1. YOU crack me up! Make sure you get your pin board ready for all those plans! You might want to pin 18 different kinds of mason jar uses for example. Wait, don't you still owe me soap from a year ago?

  2. Mitra I regret the whole soap fiasco. Giveaways are more trouble than they are worth, the whole, you know, getting some ones address then packing something, the visit to the post box.......
    How about I email you a picture of the soap? I know, I permit you to just download the picture from my blog. Are we all happy with that? In the meantime thank you for pin board idea. I am going straight to pinterest to sign up!!!

  3. Don't forget to decorate the barn with bunting. Would look uber cool.

  4. Did my first OTT comment not get through, or maybe OTT that you took it down! LOL. Sorry, I, we were so excited to actually read something funny for a change.
    Well it IS very nice to see another post from this blog - a few of us bloggers who have outgrown baby picture / remarkable blogs were thoroughly enjoying your musings.

    Yes, giveaways are a fools game, and BEWARE the swap - I always get stuck with someone from a country that costs me postage and feed for the donkey to take my crocheted pot holder to the top of an unmapped mountain.

    1. Good points Miss P. And lets not forget how thoroughly upsetting it is to receive an inferior macrame pot holder to the one you crafted and sent out into the blogerverse!

    2. Finally! Somebody understands!

  5. Too good Trophy Wife! And a msg to the author behind Trophy Wife - you should seriously have a groovy column in a print media mag... Such a beautiful last line! You got columnist written all over your stylin! More pleeeze!

  6. Hi,

    I wanted to give you a heads up that has named you as one of the year's "10 Best Blogs for Trophy Wives." The rankings were published this morning, and we'll be promoting it on-site and through other social media channels over the coming days.

    You can view your write-up here:

    You have the bragging rights, so feel free to share the news on your blog and with your followers! Let me know if I can be of any help in promoting the news.

    Can I send you a badge recognizing that you made the list?

    Have a great day,

  7. I'm still waiting for my invitation.
    x Tina

  8. Hey, go with the flow I think! Any excuse to reaffirm your love for each other right?