Friday, 17 August 2012

Fun And Networking At Arts Forum.

Forum was held at the gorgeous Canberra museum and Gallery.

Spent last Friday at totally awesome inspiring arts forum for visual artists and writers. Was titled "How to get ahead in art world" with useful tips such as 'know right people' and 'be nice to them but without just putting it on' and 'Always follow up with thank you note' plus "Wouldn't hurt to put on a personality either'. Took lots of notes as am, as you know, writer with own blog. Came away from forum with message of network, network, network. Am so glad am on Facepage. Though perhaps need content. Not sure anyone at forum mentioned content so not sure how important that will be.
Forum went all day with short lunch break. Took this opportunity to network. Approached other artists/writers and asked if they had a spare Fifty Cents to make up my $4.50 for a latte. They said no. Must be because they too are poorly resourced artists putting their craft before fancy lifestyle. Like self. Shocking how little money goes into the arts. When compared with BMX Olympians.
Just as was waiting outside forum for  afternoon session to begin met  lovely woman wearing artistic like felted scarf pinned with large attention grabbing silver brooch.
"I love your broach" I networked.
"Oh, thank you. I've had it a while" she smiled.
"Did you make it yourself?" I ask.
"No, I am not a craftsperson. I'm a writer"
"Oh, am also writer"  tell her. 
Broach Lady's face lights up "Oh, what have you written? Would I have heard of it?"
"Maybe" I say "Have own blog. You might know it. Trophy Wife? Covers lots of stuff. Mostly life matters and parenting issues though am thinking of positioning myself as fashion commentator" Broach Lady looks down at outfit. Quite plain unfortunately as was in rush this morning. Wish had worn suede coat with leopard spots on it. Wish Louie had not bitten off a suede leopard spot from coat's hem when he was three and had sharp little nippers. Will cost fortune to get re hemmed.
"What do you write?" I ask Broach Lady, keen to keep network alive.
"Novels" smiled Broach Lady "Slow ones, that take years between publishing" 
"Have you thought of blog?" I suggest, pleased with self, as remembered last speaker, before lunch, saying how networking is two way street, you must have something to offer other person. "You can write just small amounts and then publish with click of button. It's quite fast"
Broach Lady laughs "That sounds great. Just a click of the button and published. I will tell my publisher to a get button!" And then it was time to go in. 
Such a nice lady to have networked with. Turns out she was next speaker. Something about publishing. Bit boring, tuned out. But look forward to networking with her next time. This networking thing is actually quite easy. Look forward to seeing her again. Will totes ask her name.


  1. Novelists not so good at networking - more used to being holed up in den with own brain thinking up plots, characterisation, beginnings, middles and ends. Obviously didn't take in the "have something to offer other person" part of the previous session.

  2. Well I look forward to more witty repartee and indepth writings from yours truly!
    This networking business in person is hard, I prefer to comment on nice peoples blogs!
    Speaking of nice people, the bar of soap, Thankyou, came just in time, toddler was getting a bit wiffy! :)

  3. Hey Mia,
    Come and network (a.k.a have a cup of tea) at my house. I know people that know people or at least I can pretend like most other people networking!
    Bwa ha ha ha (fancy laugh),

  4. I wrote a novel once (only because a rather literary friend of mine said that everyone had a novel in them) and I have to say the only networking that went on was between the stars of my book - steamy Dan and luscious lulu. These publishers will drop you like a hot-cake once the royalities dry up. I say keep up with the blog and then move into reality TV. You can always hire a ghost writer to do your bio once the money starts rolling in.
    x Tina

  5. Always in awe of your amazing and insightful techniques and tips :) Kx