Sunday, 30 June 2013

Lucky Giveaway Winner.

An exciting moment - time to announce the winner of blog giveaway. Have totally loved all your fawning comments but all good things must come to an end and as I cannot think how to drag this out for a day longer it's with no more delay I announce the winner as.....Sally! As you can see from the screen shot above I abandoned my usual giveaway protocol as too complicated and have embraced to help me select a winner.  You may also notice, if your eyes are good enough or your screen big enough, that Anonymous actually came out on top but as I have good reason to believe  anonymous is a relative, and I am yet to locate and enable the Blogger "Block A Relative' function, I have made the executive decision to go with next along - Sally - who seems a fab choice as she needs a new book to read and may actually grace us with a decent review. Sally please contact me at and provide an address to send your book giveaway and, alongside some appropriate grateful sentiments, whether you would like the book fake signed by the author (or not).
Thanks for joining in everyone and remember - you are all winners. Just one with a new book to read and several others without.
(Please note the Appropriate Blogger Giveaway Loser Protocol: leave a comment expressing happiness/envy for winner - sincere or otherwise - and an enquiry as to where can purchase promotional tool the book for self).

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Rules Of Conception - Last Chance To Win For Lucky Individual.

I don't know that turning Giveaways into running double posts is acceptable blogger practice but feel free to view this 'suspense' ploy as a poorly disguised attempt at milking an initiative for personal gain/lame stab at attracting more reader interest. However, in addition to this plainly transparent ploy, I wish to announce that this copy of  'The Rules Of Conception' up for grabs will be SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR! Actually, not really (she is unhelpfully reticent on that front) however we do share similar handwriting and so the book will be FAKE SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR! Or the author's sister. Or not at all. It's your choice. You the winner. But you have to be in it to win it. One last week to join up and go in for the draw...
PS A second comment by one already entered in the draw may or may not give that entrant double the chance of winning.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

BOOK Giveaway - The Rules of Conception.

As promised I am having a giveaway for the recent publication of my sisters novel The Rules Of Conception. I know I also promised an interview and to read the book myself plus post my own review but honestly when I got to the second chapter and realised I wasn't in the book I could hardly be bothered. I did ask our older sister Lara if she had read the book ("Yes I have Mia")  and did she have any thoughts on it ("Yes I do Mia")  and if she could be so kind as to grudgingly share them with Trophy Wife readers ("Honestly Mia?") and that eventually came to something. I guess beggars can't be choosers. One week, two phone calls, five texts and a baby sitting bribe later this...."The Rules of Conception by Angela Lawrence is an absorbing and timely counterpoint to the myth women in their thirties are too obsessed with themselves and their careers to make time for romance and babies. Rachel, the protagonist, take us on a well researched journey through all the options available to women wanting to have a baby on their own all the while navigating the frustrating and fraught world of both modern dating and office politics. I found myself backing Rachel, not only as she began to realise her dream but also as she took on her megalomaniac boss Lyndall and the company CEO Patrick -  a character who functions both as metaphor for the dying face of patriarchy and as a literary device for resolving the complex relationship between competing cross generational feministic modalities." Right. Thanks Lara. Whotevs.
Anyway as I said I have a copy of the aforementioned novel to give away to readers so to enter just become a follower and leave a comment below stating why you think I wasn't a character in the novel. Just leave a comment is all.
Also please be sure to refer to my blogger protocol on giveaways first as it is one of my most popular posts.
PS Other more reliable reviews can be found here and here.