Saturday, 18 January 2014

Walking the walk.

Ha. Leave it to Murray. Just when you thought there was nothing else to be done with a mason jar he comes up with this! Jam! Naturally I'd assumed the mason jars sitting on the bench were for a rejuvenating  late afternoon goji berry juice with a hint of ginger and sprig of mint (who wouldn't?), not this food storage innovation. I hardly know whether to post it to my "Storing Jams" Pinterest board or just keep to myself. In any case remember you saw it here first. Once it gets out there on the interwebs there's no stopping what comes next. Chutneys...pickles...cocktail olives...

In other news from Trophy Wife I just wanted to thank all those who expressed genuine excitement over Murray and I renewing our vows. Actually, to be honest, no one has but I know that news like this cannot help but generate online excitement so I want to get in now before I'm deluged and say thanks, but hold your horses a bit because it's not set in stone yet. The thing is Murray hasn't totally okayed the idea. That's not to say he won't but then all last night while I was awake thinking of neon pink sugared almonds and an Orla Kiely faux vintage dress that would be perfect for renewing vows in (not overly formal but at the same time clearly signalling indie occasion ) I suddenly thought, hey, do you know who won't be wearing an Orla Kiely faux vintage occasion dress to their wedding? The gays. Thats who.
And that's when I knew I had to make my stand. How can I be all "Hey Murray lets renew our vows with a showy gesture and some quirky yet deceptively expensive designer clothes" when there are people out there who CAN'T get married thanks to discrimination. I'm not sure if I've said this here before but I think it's really important that high profile, and okay, let's say it - edgy - bloggers like Trophy Wife take a stand on something also high profile. That they use their online voice to say Hey, if Mr and Mrs Gay down the street can't have an etsy inspired wedding then don't be expecting one from Trophy Wife. Because it's one thing to talk the talk but another to walk the walk. if it's important enough you should totally walk the walk. Though not down an isle. Walk that is. In an Orla Kiely vintage whimsy of a frock. Or with a hand made bouquet of paper flowers in trending coulorways and vintage rhinestone accents that would be like, literally, instagram gold.
Of course Murray is going to want to know why the change of heart. I'll say something casual like "Forget the whole second wedding thing Murray. I've changed my mind. I'd rather a gay person down the street got married" then I'll just leave it. But he'll know. He wont say anything. But he'll know...


  1. We need more of this, high profile celebs taking a stand. Good on you. Maybe you should start a "get up" campaign to raise a similar stance in other high profile couples. You and Murray are fabulous in lighting the way! Besides, Murray's jam making industry will be safer now that his mason jars won't be multi purposed. This is a win win for sure!

    1. Thanks Miss Prudence, my sacrifice is all the easier to bear knowing I am making a small - if not huge - difference. I expect Ange and Brad will be following my example :)

  2. Yes, he'll know ;) Good on you and bless your lofty morals in a flighty world of fancy! Kx