Monday, 12 June 2017

Home Styling With The Celebrity Experts.

Dear reader/s, please forgive my long break from blogging. I know you'll understand when you discover I have taken some time out from being an influencer to concentrate on the Young Adult dystopian novel I am writing. I can't give away too much except (writing tip!) that I didn't have to start from scratch. I simply dusted off the vampire novel I abandoned when the Young Adult vampire thing lost steam, replacing the vampires for human/robot hybrids who start to think for themselves. There may also be a group of disaffected, yet on trend, teenagers — the 'outliers'— who battle the odds to eventually save the day, while also negotiating a contentious love triangle. We'll see. I haven't got it all figured out yet, though I can tell you for certain, the outliers will be wearing, almost exclusively, G-Star Raw.

Anyway, enough of that. For this post I really wanted to share with you all a little bit of home decorating I took some time out to do, inspired by my favourite interior stylist, Sibella Court. I am all for Sibella's globetrotting style and am working — somewhat effortlessly it has to be said — to adopt it for my entire home. Sibella, for those who don't know, travels the world like a frequent flyer gypsy and brings home her finds/excess luggage from these adventures to incorporate into her own signature look which could be described as anything from 'eclectic' to 'busy' or even just 'I pay someone else to do the dusting'.

Having collected all Sibella's books I am always browsing, thinking of ways to incorporate her signature look into ones own home, and eventually last weekend became inspired about  dead little corner in my home that could def use some of her magic. As in Goodbye random dirty laundry dumping ground and Hello Nomad Seafarer Gypsy reading nook. Of course had to improvise a lot, having never  travelled the world, so when it came time to source exotic items for Nomad styling exercise, travelled into our black hole of a garage instead.

As it turns out I got so lost in the garage space time continuum sourcing bits and pieces that eventually, I decided to just style the garage instead. This had the added bonus of not having to lug items back home (I'm still travelling) as well as being able to leave the cobwebs in situ for the rustic element they afforded the space. In truth I didn't even have to do that much. As so often happens if you look hard enough the space seemed to be telling it's own story, balancing personal items (my experimental ceramics phase) with the more random elements (half full tins of house paint) to create the harrowing narrative of a family on the constant back foot, occasionally veering off  track into the territory of greek tragedy. Or comedy. Or tragedy….still not sure about that one.

Finally when it came to setting the mood with a choice of lighting I decided that sometimes a dearth of natural light is just what an interior is crying out for and left it at that. But there was still one thing missing. That's right — the wow factor, or rather, the hero piece. Hellooo then, playful homemade bunting. I had forgotten the playful bunting. But once that was in place well, I think the photos here really do the talking.


  1. Im deeply concerned that there is no mention of Murray! Have you upgraded?

  2. What did Murray have to say about the bunting??!!

  3. Murray LOVES everything I do. ESPECIALLY when I re-style the garage :)