Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Remarkables - Talent Agency For Bloggers.

It's no secret that I am super ambitious for this blog and the places it could take me and yet, funnily enough, I dont think I have ever been fully clear where I would like Trophy Wife to go. Except, perhaps, that time I devised a rough Blog Mission Statement which saw Trophy Wife build a large following, gain sponsorship, a book deal and, ultimately, link to a shop on etsy which would then showcase my dried Weetbix sculptures to the world, procuring in the process my long held dream of international celebrity crafter status.
Other times I see Trophy Wife opening up a Pinterest account.

Just lately though I have got to thinking more about personal goals vis a vis blogging and, having come to the  conclusion that etsy is just soooo 2009, realising I would do a whole lot better to concentrate entirely on this blog but with a view to becoming a Remarkable. Because being a Remarkable is totally where it is at now and I think by saying that here - this is my ultimate goal - will make for a manifesting consciousness/'The Secret' kind of energy and thus happen. Also - in a manifesty kind of way -  I have contacted the Remarkables talent agency inviting their talent scouts to get their bloggy selves over to Trophy Wife and download some remarkable DIY/Mummy/Whiny Chronic Illness bloggy action. At the moment they have 8 Remarkables on their books and are not planning any immediate additions but I am so sure I'm just what they are looking for to add to their stable of Australian Mummy Blogging talent that I have already imagined myself in one of their feature Cafe Remarkable posts sharing my thoughts on...well, on myself....See what you think....


My Cafe Order Is...Weetbix with tepid milk.
I started my blog because...I  am looking for personal affirmation from strangers and a place to show the world what I can do with a toilet roll, three weathered pegs and a ball of string.
My Favourite Post ever was....DIY Roll Ribbon.
I think My readership is growing because....I follow lots of other blogs, leaving generous comments, in the hope they will follow me back. On occasion this has worked. When traffic is down I jump in with a giveaway which doesn't hurt and as a last resort I post pictures of studly men in retro knits. My proposed new feature - an interactive photographic exercise diarising the state of my cutlery drawer - is also bound to pull in more traffic.
My Blog in three words would be...Sad, Desperate, Plagiaristic (but in a good way!).
The best thing about being a blogger is...all the opportunities to take photos looking down at my shoes.
My favourite reality tv show of all time is*...."Search For The Next Pussycat Doll". I don't see that ever being topped.

I am sure to hear back from The Remarkables Blogging Talent Agency any day now.

*Not an actual Cafe Remarkable question.



  1. I almost stopped reading when I noted you couldn't even be bothered painting your nails in chevrons or flags or anything!! I mean really!! Do you assume your devoted and beautiful readers would not notice and be embarrassed for you, another opportunity lost to say "look at how clever and trendy I am" and be repinned endlessly- And i might point out it is now winter - where are your adorable new boots that you absolutely must have, even if the cost of them preluded feeding your children anything more than the much mentioned weetbix for several weeks??? I don't think your taking your blogging seriously somethimes...

    Luckily i did choose to overlook your blunder and kept reading. Am now insearch of the back episodes of the next paussycat doll, oops pussycat dolls - so my scene and cannot wait for the cutlery drawer series. I can see a book in the making (maybe photograph cutlery drwers of the rich and famous or at least fellow bloggers, you know where I live, well sort of seeing we moved and I haven't told you our new address yet...)

    ps Let me know when you are up for morning tea...

    1. Please, enough of your Cutlery Drawer Series Spoilers!

  2. Like Karen I too was struggling with the toenails/sandals shot, maybe you could pitch your blog at a nail polish sponsor? However, you are a much braver blogger than me. I have sworn (to myself) that I'll never include my toes in a photo - only because they are more similar to those found on Hobbits, and the last time I tried to wear nail polish I ended up with some fungal inflection. I was also slightly disturbed peering into your cutlery drawer. I think you might have styled that shot, as I can't see any crumbs et al that always seem to lurk in my drawers.
    Anyhow (yes I can't bring myself to write anyhoo) I'm looking forward to your next post - have you got the date circled on the calendar? I have read that helps. S:)

    1. Aargh, am removing shoe photo. Nothing must get in the way of my Remarkables mission....

    2. Oh, and of course I styled my cutlery drawer! What blogger doesn't????

    3. Now I feel bad about mentioning your toes, it was of course made tongue in check :)

    4. I like the way you put your vintage ivory-handled knives right in the middle of the shot for all to see.

  3. At least you have all ten toes. I have an extra pinky on my left foot making eleven in all. Wayne says it proves I am a witch, but I say it is because I am a descendent of Anne Boleyn.

  4. oh yes I see now, I have checked. You are right. What blogger would not want to be remarkable...Oh to be a remarkable!!!!

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