Friday, 13 April 2012

Tutorial: Roll Ribbon.

Writing blog not as easy as first thought. For example you need to have ideas. Though these ideas need not be original. Discovered this since last post - taking photos of own shoes has been done before!
Been racking brain all week. Then light bulb moment: Mia, maybe your blog could be space to showcase creativity and penchant for DIY.
As SAHMWCI (Stay At Home Mum With Chronic Illness) think it's really important to create nice spaces one feels happy to be in. By nice mean something strongly influenced by Scandanavian designers of Mid Century Modern era peppered with quirky prints of foxes and bears (any woodland creature actually) bought off etsy.
Of course budgets don't always run to this or perhaps you find yourself already heavily invested of the Shabby Chic look of 2002 and a thus a minimalist screenprint of an owl saying "Hi" in a neon yellow speech bubble would produce a nasty styling clash. DON"T PANIC - there are still things you can do that don't cost a lot and at the same time still express my creativity. For example only the other day, as was faking bout of gastro as clever excuse to lock self in bathroom in lieu of "me time", took good look around surroundings and thought "What can a person with no decorating budget, spare time or innate style do to pretty up a space such as this?" That's when came up with "Roll Ribbon" idea. It doesn't take long and you probably already have the materials in your craft stash. Also effective way of saying to other members of household "Let's keep it nice" without actually saying it.
You will need some nice ribbon or string and a bathroom that has a toilet roll holder. Use the ribbon to tie a neat bow around the roll of toilet paper so ther is no toilet paper hanging down loose. Voila!
PS For a totally on trend touch use bakers twine like I have in the bottom picture. Rick rack is also a cool retro touch.

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