Wednesday, 18 April 2012

That Awkward Moment When You Realise The Cowfish Is bigger Than The Shark.

First week of school holidays. Have flu and sleep till Eleven. Get up and thank Louie for letting mummy sleep in so late. Louie suggests reward for himself - game of badminton for us in the rain. Not keen on that but agree instead to drawing undersea tableaux. Assemble large piece of paper, coloured pencils and sticker book of sea creatures for inspiration. Agree Louie will draw shark with mummy assigned mere Cowfish.  Unfortunately forego discussion vis a vis scale and major upset erupts when realise Cowfish is much bigger than shark, not reflecting reality. Explain that maybe Cowfish is closer to us and shark off in background somewhere insignificant. Explanation makes thing worse. Shark meant to be major player, capable of eating Cowfish. Explain again principles of perspective. Older sister laughing. Louie angry at older sister laughing, after all what is so funny? Send older sister to bedroom. Agree to begin new undersea tableaux where shark is major player. Careful to check specifications for new Cowfish. Cowfish gets axe. Further clarification reveals mummy's role now more Design Hack as opposed to co - collaborator, expected to follow instructions from above only, no independent decision making. Design Hack told what to draw (Weedy Sea Dragon) then to finish colouring in of shark as Louie tires and needs to move on to school of fish shark will be eating. More upset. Louie not happy about Design Hack's reinterpretation of shark. Thinks tonal work around eye makes shark look too mean.
Thinking maybe will be long holiday for Design Hack.


  1. I'm thinking the Fruedian implications are screaming to be interpreted here.
    The shark is obviously the children, forever trying to eat the that is the grown up mother (that's you BTW). Once you become the shark (meany) desperate to eat the school (self explanatory surely) of fish and the poor, (but beautifully rendered!) weedy seahorse that is now poor Louie. No wonder the sensitive lad was upset...

  2. Brilliant! So clear now....

  3. Beautifully written- I'm wondering if a game of badminton in the rain would have been easier.