Saturday, 7 April 2012

Been blogging two whole days now. Will admit to twinge of disappointment at response. Just checked stats and seemingly no activity registered. Heard about  blogger and it's unreliability like that. Knew should have gone with Wordpress. What is needed is not just for you to visit but like to FOLLOW. Officially. LIke in the upper right space that says FOLLOWERS. Kind of rude not to actually. Just to check in on the anonymous sly like that? Is tantamount to trespassing. It's like looking in  the window but not knocking on the door. Or knocking on door then running away. If only there was way to report such problematic behaviours to Blogger. No, really, shame on you. You know what? If that's how it's going to beDON'T FOLLOW. That's right. DON'T. Betting you are boring and ugly and since don't  want boring and ugly followers who will turn off cool, attractive followers best you don't. Plus you are going to feel like total loser when I've got like 1654 followers and a crafting/DIY book deal in works.

1 comment:

  1. Knock knock!
    (Who's there?)
    (No-one who?)
    No wonder you're not getting any followers ;)

    ('cept me, yr devoted fan)