Saturday, 14 April 2012

Helping hand from Gotye.

Last night dream am married to Gotye - popular Australian alternative/crossover singer songwriter. Turns out Gotye is fab husband and super thoughtful. He puts link on own website to this blog and am suddenly deluged with blog traffic from cool types. Wake up with lightbulb moment re having partner who is indie mucician. To this end suggest to Murray over dinner he start up garage band. Honestly? Did not seem overly keen. Cited busy schedule as sole family breadwinner, hands on dad and gruelling training schedule for upcoming marathon as excuses not to. Frankly am disappointed. Had already invested in cheap second hand guitar and beginners How-To booklet with instructional CD included. Argument ensued. Accused Murray of taking no interest in blog. His feeble reply? "I have no idea what you are talking about Mia".
Too upset to write anymore for moment.


  1. Murray simply has NO IDEA! After all the effort you have put in, the least he could do was form a simple Indie band - how hard could it be?? D- for Murray this week! (only missed getting a big fat F due to fact this is my fist comment on post, tell him to lift his game!!!!)

  2. Thank you Karen. You have no idea how good it feels to have someone understand. X.

  3. Hi Mia, I can totally relate! I suggested to my Wayne to start an acting career so I could have a jet set lifestyle and all I got in return was: 'can you please be quiet the footy is on!'. Honey, I suggest you stick with the book deal idea, and if that doesn't work there is always reality TV.

  4. I am in love with him. But all i know about him is that he has asexy breakup song. Probably not a good idea to lust after someone who is known for a breakup song....