Thursday, 26 July 2012

Lucky Winner!

Great turn out for Soap Giveaway! Am now up to 14 followers. Nothing says "Online success around nearest corner" more than having 14 followers! Makes me think should have another giveaway, one after another, bypassing any blog content altogether....
But before I announce lucky winner a quick apology for the late draw as I have been unavailable to the demands of Trophy Wife due to extended illness (or 'research', if you like, for  the 'Chronically ill Tuesday' posts). I had also hoped for more entrants but well, this shall do....
Okay then, on to lucky giveaway winner - but first to validate the selection process I will explain how the winner was chosen: first took photo of little pieces of paper baring the names of all entrants. This  to provide air of authenticity and suggest a random like nature to giveaway. Then discreetly photoshopped in  late entry. Also made sure a child was in background watching proceedings, to lend giveaway process air of guileless honesty (even if child was unco-operative and eventually had to resort again to photoshop). Then bits of paper were tossed away and real process begun. For example who has impressive blog themselves and can lend mine a bit of cache by association? Or even who just has a blog? That is why after much deliberation I am splitting the prize into three and sending one bar of fabulous Coles Supermarket Brand soap to these four lucky winners who actually have a blog: Pippa at Ouch Flower in Melbourne; Mitra at Bye Bye Pie in New York; Kylie at Paravent and Karen at Vanilla Scraps up the road (Karen do you mind having the unwarapped bar, the one I tossed into the shower with Louie? I swear to you it is unused...). Could those winners please email me at with their addresses and your wonderful prize will be on it's way (Karen just when I see you next will do).
Thank you again to all that entered and don't forget you are all winners. Just some with cool prize and some without.


  1. LOL, bah! Your hilarious and I'm so excited to have won, such a giveaway!
    Great photoshop skills too! ;)

  2. I'm am beside myself with happiness - I'm thinking of dropping everything and arriving unnanounced at your house tonight! Ok, maybe tennis will do...

    v. effective photo shopping btw, one would never know unless told.

  3. Ok, you do realize I am peeing my pants...OK, that is NY talk for laughing my butt off. I don't own Bye Bye Pie for my blog, but I sure wish I did, that lady cracks me up!!!!!!!!!! Can you give Karen my soap for me when she stops over unexpectedly tonight? I plan on visiting Australia as soon as I can. Actually...she probably has my addy....and I totally agree with the photoshopping...that was some fine work there, I never would have known!

  4. Oh and by by pie is about plumbing problems today, a good read

  5. What's your email lovely? It's time to add a 'contact me' gadget to the blog now that your followers has increased! :)

  6. Darn, and those soaps looked so tasty! I'll just have to keep being smelly....

  7. PS I hope you feel better soon btw....

  8. Thank you Sonia. Maybe 'll get you some soap anyway. Why should only bloggers stay fresh? Also thank you to all for the compliments on my photoshop know how. Believe it or not I'm self taught.

  9. Yah me!!! Feeling so proud and happy :) Thank you Trophy Wife.
    Sorry it's taken me so long to get here... I did actually send you an email last week but it's just been spat back to me... should have paid more attention to that @ blogger-no reply address! ;)
    Do you need my address, hon, or have you already got it?
    Hope you'e feeling better? Talk soon. Kylie x