Sunday, 1 July 2012


I don't know, I like blogging, like the opportunity to express self in creative dimensions, it's just that I felt I would be more popular by now. It's been nearly two months. Don't get me wrong - I treasure my valued reader/s including the one who is not known to me personally (ie not friend or family) - but if want to achieve goals (advertisers, etsy shop, book deal) will need more than 11 of them. Concentrated research into the ways of blogging has shown me that there are several ways to increase blog traffic but extra good one is to have regular giveaways as  you can make the giveaway conditional on joining your blog. I love bribes so here we go.....
All you have to do to win these bars of Coles 'shea butter' soap is join up as a follower and leave a comment. It doesn't need to be a comment about why you need the bars of soap more than the  next person - just any kind of general comment about how good my blog is. And then I will randomly pick a winner based on who is most likely to post on their blog about the win and link me back the most traffic. So........easy peasy - you could be the winner of this pack of two soaps that have a coconut kind of scent to them. Actually they were originally a pack of three but when I gave one to Louie to use in the shower the other night he made such a big fuss about hating the smell of coconut and it being 'unbear-wable' that I had to go and buy some more nuetral smelling soap and take these Shea butter ones out of the bathroom altogether. Actually anyone would have thought I'd thrown a snake into the shower the way he went on. How can you hate the smell of cheap synthetic coconut that badly? Anyway  as I say, now they could be yours. Good luck then and don't forget to tell your blogging friends about the giveaway!!! 


  1. Shea Butter!! From Coles!!! How could I say no???? I will suck up to anyone for that sort of booty!! And use excessive puctuation!!???***##

    oh yes your blog is the bestest! Witty, incitful, why it is not sindicated nationally is beyond me - soon no doubt.

    Is that enough? xx

  2. Your blog rocks! Now give me the soap!
    x Tina

  3. At first glance I thought it was chocolates - yum!
    I don't actually use soap for it makes my shower scummy and then I would have to actually clean it more that once a month.
    I like you blog without the giveaways but I would be encouraged if you gave away sleep or at least a special cream that reduced bags under your eyes. Do babies really need teeth?
    Enjoy the school holidays,
    PS If I could actually work out how to officially follow the blog I would.

  4. Dude!! You are now up to 12 followers and I came over ' cause Karen said to!! She is one smart cookie!!! Least think she is since I stalk her all the way from ny!!!! Maybe someday will meet her in Real Life! Go check out Bye Bye Pie blog if you are curious as to what kind of blog you have!!! I'd say entertaining would be what I'd use to describe it!!!!

  5. I worked it out (how to follow). Tra, la, la!

  6. Your very generous, soap is such a lovely thought, if Troy came with the soap, I would love to win it! ;)

  7. Hey! 14 followers... now that soap obviously did the trick! haha! :)
    I thought they were marshmellow chocolates too ;) Kx