Saturday, 21 April 2012

Creative Couples.

Had hoped Murray would come around by now re. Indie Garage band idea. Leave acoustic guitar and instructional CD near brief case and other places might catch eye but to no avail. Speaking frankly his  current situation of stable employment in IT industry stands as frustrating barrier to styling us as cute indie blogger couple with joint passion for thrifting. Have not given up though. Order super inspiring book "Paris Creative Couples" off Amazon as soon as spot this afternoon. Plan to give Murray for up coming birthday in hope he will relate and/or gain inspiration.
Can't wait for book to arrive and have uploaded sneak peeks off web for your perusal. Is inconceivable Murray won't enjoy. After all, who does not love reading books full of successful, attractive, well off couples in their showcase homes?

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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

That Awkward Moment When You Realise The Cowfish Is bigger Than The Shark.

First week of school holidays. Have flu and sleep till Eleven. Get up and thank Louie for letting mummy sleep in so late. Louie suggests reward for himself - game of badminton for us in the rain. Not keen on that but agree instead to drawing undersea tableaux. Assemble large piece of paper, coloured pencils and sticker book of sea creatures for inspiration. Agree Louie will draw shark with mummy assigned mere Cowfish.  Unfortunately forego discussion vis a vis scale and major upset erupts when realise Cowfish is much bigger than shark, not reflecting reality. Explain that maybe Cowfish is closer to us and shark off in background somewhere insignificant. Explanation makes thing worse. Shark meant to be major player, capable of eating Cowfish. Explain again principles of perspective. Older sister laughing. Louie angry at older sister laughing, after all what is so funny? Send older sister to bedroom. Agree to begin new undersea tableaux where shark is major player. Careful to check specifications for new Cowfish. Cowfish gets axe. Further clarification reveals mummy's role now more Design Hack as opposed to co - collaborator, expected to follow instructions from above only, no independent decision making. Design Hack told what to draw (Weedy Sea Dragon) then to finish colouring in of shark as Louie tires and needs to move on to school of fish shark will be eating. More upset. Louie not happy about Design Hack's reinterpretation of shark. Thinks tonal work around eye makes shark look too mean.
Thinking maybe will be long holiday for Design Hack.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Have follower.

Am super thrilled to have blog follower. Fame beckons it would seem. Should really get on with monetising site. Apparently quite profitable for blogs on move such as this. Also must ask teenage daughter how to get Facepage presence for Trophy Wife as since teenager will know all about Facepage and other social networkings, Tweeter and like.  Should strike while iron hot.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Helping hand from Gotye.

Last night dream am married to Gotye - popular Australian alternative/crossover singer songwriter. Turns out Gotye is fab husband and super thoughtful. He puts link on own website to this blog and am suddenly deluged with blog traffic from cool types. Wake up with lightbulb moment re having partner who is indie mucician. To this end suggest to Murray over dinner he start up garage band. Honestly? Did not seem overly keen. Cited busy schedule as sole family breadwinner, hands on dad and gruelling training schedule for upcoming marathon as excuses not to. Frankly am disappointed. Had already invested in cheap second hand guitar and beginners How-To booklet with instructional CD included. Argument ensued. Accused Murray of taking no interest in blog. His feeble reply? "I have no idea what you are talking about Mia".
Too upset to write anymore for moment.

Friday, 13 April 2012


Still no followers. Totally inexplicable after yesterdays fab tutorial posted.
Not sure where going wrong.

Tutorial: Roll Ribbon.

Writing blog not as easy as first thought. For example you need to have ideas. Though these ideas need not be original. Discovered this since last post - taking photos of own shoes has been done before!
Been racking brain all week. Then light bulb moment: Mia, maybe your blog could be space to showcase creativity and penchant for DIY.
As SAHMWCI (Stay At Home Mum With Chronic Illness) think it's really important to create nice spaces one feels happy to be in. By nice mean something strongly influenced by Scandanavian designers of Mid Century Modern era peppered with quirky prints of foxes and bears (any woodland creature actually) bought off etsy.
Of course budgets don't always run to this or perhaps you find yourself already heavily invested of the Shabby Chic look of 2002 and a thus a minimalist screenprint of an owl saying "Hi" in a neon yellow speech bubble would produce a nasty styling clash. DON"T PANIC - there are still things you can do that don't cost a lot and at the same time still express my creativity. For example only the other day, as was faking bout of gastro as clever excuse to lock self in bathroom in lieu of "me time", took good look around surroundings and thought "What can a person with no decorating budget, spare time or innate style do to pretty up a space such as this?" That's when came up with "Roll Ribbon" idea. It doesn't take long and you probably already have the materials in your craft stash. Also effective way of saying to other members of household "Let's keep it nice" without actually saying it.
You will need some nice ribbon or string and a bathroom that has a toilet roll holder. Use the ribbon to tie a neat bow around the roll of toilet paper so ther is no toilet paper hanging down loose. Voila!
PS For a totally on trend touch use bakers twine like I have in the bottom picture. Rick rack is also a cool retro touch.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Arty Self Portrait Of Shoes.

Ok, start again. REALLY sorry about last post. Totally uncalled for. Of course you're not boring and ugly - you're back here right? And as said this is going to be a really cool/exciting blog. You can see that already can't you from the visuals? An arty self portrait of my feet. Wearing favourite summer shoes which  sourced third hand off ebay for $22.00 four years ago. It's only just now when look at photo realise they're broken. Which is a bit sad. 

Saturday, 7 April 2012

God, where is that delete button??????
Been blogging two whole days now. Will admit to twinge of disappointment at response. Just checked stats and seemingly no activity registered. Heard about  blogger and it's unreliability like that. Knew should have gone with Wordpress. What is needed is not just for you to visit but like to FOLLOW. Officially. LIke in the upper right space that says FOLLOWERS. Kind of rude not to actually. Just to check in on the anonymous sly like that? Is tantamount to trespassing. It's like looking in  the window but not knocking on the door. Or knocking on door then running away. If only there was way to report such problematic behaviours to Blogger. No, really, shame on you. You know what? If that's how it's going to beDON'T FOLLOW. That's right. DON'T. Betting you are boring and ugly and since don't  want boring and ugly followers who will turn off cool, attractive followers best you don't. Plus you are going to feel like total loser when I've got like 1654 followers and a crafting/DIY book deal in works.

Thursday, 5 April 2012


No comments yet. That's weird.

Ta Da.

Third post lucky. Mustn't put self under pressure. Keep simple. Friendly hello. Thanks for joining. Fun to be had  following me - my life in suburbs with husband, two children plus all our hijinks. No really it will be special. Like if ever I cook a half way decent meal promise to take photo and post on exciting blog. Or this one.

Bad first post. How to delete?

Ta Da!

First blog post ever.  Truth be told bit nervous. After all, what if have nothing to say? Keep reminding self not to be silly. As in Don't be so silly Mia! This is just going to be a really cool space for you to share your life through words and photos and recipes and doctors prescriptions. Just do that and the rest (followers, etsy shop, book deal) will follow.